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Database & Leads Management

Effective leads and accounts management starts with a holistic perspective. A good sales CRM tells you everything you need to know about your lead or account, from one screen – in a static and dynamic perspective.
With Qontak, get complete details about your customers and conversations, deals status, touchpoints with your company, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them among others.
Group your teams by geography, deal size, product divisions, and more. Set infinite layers of hierarchy to manage data access settings on to secure and protect your database.
Historical timelines store all dynamic data easily. Make quick notes against each contact, company, deal or project. Store your files in an organized manner. Store all conversational data from omnichannel automatically in a seamless manner.

Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Modify default reports or build your own custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. Use the insights from the CRM to adjust course and grow your revenue.
Dashboards are equipped with powerful filters and Qontak CRM displays reports on your screen, downloadable into PDF, CSV and XLS. View more data and draw inferences faster without having to build manually.
Customize targets for your teams and/or members and measure performance based on achievements. Build incentives and optimized organizations around targets vs. achievements.
Identify trends in your sales over weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time periods. See activity reports on every action taken automatically. Streamline your work with automated insights and analysis.

Deals, Projects & Process Management

Visualize and build customizable pipelines to manage sales, projects and any processes. Gain summary metrics on top of cards in an intuitive user interface. Switch from board view to list view to build flexibility.
Drag deal cards from one stage to another easily and set required field pop ups to ensure SOP processes are followed. Filter all your data with customizable filters to meet your business process needs.
Qontak’s multiple pipeline view allows you to toggle among all of your business sales processes in one unified system with ease. No overlap among the systems exist and allows you to model a perfect sales solution.
Set time limits on each stage to ensure service level agreement standards in your business. Connect one pipeline to another pipeline by duplicating deals into other pipelines automatically.

Advanced Automation Technology

Generate any document that you want instantly using spreadsheet or word document templates. A good CRM never makes you work twice and Qontak CRM instantly automates documents such as quotations, invoices, proposals and more to save you time.
Documents templates pull data from Qontak’s CRM into your own customized templates. Templates can also embed any formulas as is normally done in spreadsheets and documents to provide complete flexibility.
Set automations in the CRM to remind your team members of certain events and occurrences. Or create tasks automatically based on trigger based automations instantly.
Notifications can be triggered or notifications can be manually set via @ mentions which call teammates attentions to certain actions. Notifications are linked to mobile and web applications.

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