We commit to provide a safe and trustworthy place for customer data

Qontak is transforming the sales and customer service industries its social CRM revolution, but the backbone of our success is providing a safe and trustworthy place for customer data. Protecting your data is our commitment.

Does Qontak monitor its systems and software?

Yes, our operations teams monitor software and application behavior 24x7x365 using proprietary and industry-recognized solutions.


Does Qontak back up data?

All data saved within the Qontak platform is backed up on a consistent, recurring basis. Additionally, failover is built into every piece of the platform our customers use.


Can the Qontak software respond quickly to new security needs or threats?

Between our streamlined, rapid approach to application delivery and our automated server infrastructure, Qontak quickly addresses security issues as they arise. These technology and process structures allow Qontak to adapt as new threats are identified.


Can I report a security vulnerability?

If you have discovered a security issue that have a security incident to report, please let us know about it and we will make every effort to correct the issue. As part of your research, do not intentionally view or access any data beyond what is needed to prove the vulnerability. When submitting a vulnerability or incident, please provide us:

  • the detailed description of the issue
  • the steps to reproduce
  • the account that you used.
  • Please report any security vulnerability to:

    Email: security@qontak.com
    Phone: +62.878.8431.0441